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Thin client solution is a computing model where lightweight and low-powered devices, known as thin clients, are used to access and interact with applications and data stored on a centralized server or in the cloud. These thin clients rely on the server for most of the processing and storage, reducing the hardware and maintenance requirements for end-user devices. Thin client solutions offer cost savings, easier management, and enhanced security, as data remains centralized. They are often used in environments where multiple users need access to software applications and data, such as businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

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The Thin Client connects to the TSPLUS terminal server, where it initiates the launch of an application that subsequently retrieves information from the database server.

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TSPLUS Host server support:-
Windows 10 Prof / Windows 11 Prof
Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 all edition

Simply set up TSplus Remote Access on the application server, followed by creating new Windows user accounts. Users are then ready to connect from their Thin Client terminals to the application server and enjoy the applications, without the need for any additional client application setup.

What additional benefits does TSplus Remote Access bring to the Thin Client solution?

Remote Desktop Access
Create full desktops for users to remotely access centralized apps from anywhere and any device.

Application Delivery

Publish centralized Windows applications and enable Thin Client users to access them while maintaining controlled user access rights.

Web-enable legacy Apps

Extend the life of your legacy Apps by web-enabling them without redeveloping them. Keep your clients happy with your current UI.

Optimize your IT budget

Reduce IT cost by not redeveloping your apps or purchasing expensive alternatives. Our permanent licenses last for life.

Multiple Sessions

Enable from 3 to 50+ concurrent users to connect per server.

Load Balance Servers

Implement server load balancing to efficiently support a large number of Thin Client terminals, distributing workloads across multiple TSPLUS Load Balance servers.

Irresistible Features

Universal Printer

Print to a local printer seamlessly, eliminating any compatibility issues with printer drivers.

Manage - Servers Farm

Utilize a unified interface to manage all TSplus Remote Access servers.

Assign Servers

Assign users or groups to a specified server or a server with a particular application using the gateway server.

Windows Active Directory

Set up a stand-alone Windows Server, integrate it with Windows Active Directory, configure Windows Cluster Servers, and connect Windows Desktop hosts to the Active Directory.

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Implementing Thin Clients Across Multiple Branches

TSplus Remote Access not only empowers Thin Clients at the head office but is also ideally suited for establishing connections across multiple branches, enabling access to a centralized database. This approach leads to significant IT cost savings, including reduced initial expenses for branch PCs, minimized maintenance efforts, streamlined updates, and more.


Branch users can update the HQ application using Thin Client terminals connected through a VPN network. Additionally, they can print documents to the IP network printer located at the branch office.

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The Advantage of Centerm Thin Client Solution

The advantages make Thin Client Solutions an attractive option for organisations looking to optimise their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and enhance security and manageability.


Cost Efficiency
Thin clients are typically less expensive to purchase and maintain compared to traditional PCs. They have lower hardware costs and reduced energy consumption, resulting in long-term cost savings.


Centralized Management
Thin clients are easier to manage centrally. Administrators can control user access, updates, and security policies from a central server, simplifying IT management.


Enhanced Security
Thin clients are more secure because sensitive data and applications are stored on a central server, reducing the risk of data breaches or loss if a thin client device is stolen or compromised.


Improved Performance
Thin clients rely on powerful server hardware for processing tasks, which can result in faster application performance and reduced latency, especially for resource-intensive applications.


Simplified Maintenance
Thin clients require minimal local maintenance since software updates, patches, and application installations can be managed on the central server, reducing downtime and IT support costs.


Energy Efficiency
Thin clients consume less power than traditional PCs, contributing to energy savings and environmental sustainability.


Thin Client Solutions are highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily add or remove user devices as needed without significant infrastructure changes. This flexibility accommodates business growth or fluctuations in user demand.


Compliance and Data Security

Centralized data storage and management in a Thin Client environment can help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by enhancing data security and access control.

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Centerm is a global leading provider of thin client, mini pc and smart terminal. Centerm ranks No.3 in the global share of enterprise client shipments, and Top 1 in the APeJ and China enterprise client market (IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2020). Learn more...

Top 1

VDI Endpoint Vendor In China

Top 3

Global Thin Client Vendor

1100 +

Employee Worldwide

120 +

Export Countries

38 +

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Centerm F620 Flexible Thin Client Desktop Computer

Powered by Intel CPU, Centerm F620 is designed to support CPU-intensive and graphic demanding applications delivering smooth and outstanding performance in the standalone and virtual desktop environment.

Product specification, click...

F320 ARM.png
Centerm F320 ARM Linux Thin Client

ARM 64 bit-based kernel product, Centerm F320 is a thin client based on quad core CPU with 2.0GHz, high performance dedicated GPU and embedded Linux OS. It delivers an outstanding multi-media decode effect,which are suited best in finance, government and some cloud computing scenarios.

Product specification, click... 

Centerm TS660 Security Mini PC with TPM

Based on Trusted Computing Technology, Centerm TS660 provides a security solution for sensitive computing environments and giving businesses a layer of protection for company data with Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Meanwhile, 10th Gen core processor takes part on more fluent and better experience

Product specification, click...

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