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Before setup, please go through the check list below

Application Control


Workstation access to server uses Web Browser and LAN IP

Remote PCs access to server via VPN or public IP

Setup VPN Software on Host PC / Server

Download installer from
For Windows, file name: ZeroTier One.msi 

Begin installation

Make the VPN Software start together with Windows Start-Up

Start Software VPN - Create New Account

Create a new account with end-user company email address

Create a new Network

To manage VPN PC & Server from Web Console


Software VPN Setup Documentation
Customer Company Name: XXXX Pte.Ltd.

Registered Account: (use customer email address) 
Password: tsplus@hk1
Network ID: 9f77fc3xxxx7cyyy
Changed Network name: ERP Server Name 

VPN Virtual IP address:

Remote Desktop Connection: 54489
Secured WEB
ServerLink Serial Number: PXX XXX XXX

Zerotier One free VPN setup on server completed. Next how remote client access to server with VPN...

Server VPN
VPN Documentation
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