The Best Solution to Turn Windows Application to


12 years of remote access development experience,
TSPLUS turns it the easiest way to make any Windows application WEB browser-accessible
Simply setup TSPLUS Remote Access to your existing application server, such as ERP, Accounting, Inventory, HR & ...
Without changing the application server hardware & software

Without subscribing to expensive high-speed broadband or Firewall.
The remote users that Work From Home or Work From Branch are ready to access the application at head office with just a Web browser

No client application is needed to set up on the remote PC

Any broadband, as low as 50kbps is sufficient to get connected

Outdoor Sales-person is also able to access the server with iPad or Smartphone anytime anywhere.
Many businesses that using...
- SAP BusinessOne 
- SAGE 300
- Microsoft Dynamics
- MYOB & many more accounting systems, H/R, ERP...
Had applied TSPLUS Remote Access to make it remote accessible from multi-location.
Let us know what is your business application that you wish to make it WEB-ENABLED
TSPLUS embedded UNIVERSAL PRINTER allows printing to a local printer(s) easy and efficient

no printer compatibility issues
TSPLUS Data Privacy
Remote users are limited to access specified applications, Files & Folders in the server subjected to permission granted by the administrator
Connection Security

A Free SSL for HTTPS secure web ensures connectivity safe and secure. 
Let's experience your-self by login to our demo server
This is a success story of Adrian
The optional Security Add-Ons
2 Factors Authentication is the identity and access tool to secure your corporate network or your own personal data.

The Award-Winning Add-Ons TSplus Advanced Security offers Protections:

TSplus Security Advanced provides four types of protection - the basic tools every good administrator needs to control access to corporate remote servers.

  • Homeland Protection: Prevents foreign attackers from opening remote sessions.

  • Brute-Force Defender: Blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.

  • Working Hours Restriction: Control the days and times that users can access the remote servers.

  • Permissions: Easily inspect Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files.

  • One Click to Secure Desktop: Simple remote access group policy control

  • End-Point Device Protection: Restrict access by device name

  • Ransomware Protection: Ransomware is quickly becoming one of the most common forms of cyber-threats. TSplus Advanced Security Ransomware Protection stops Ransomware in its tracks.

  • Permissions: Easily inspect and manage Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files.

8,000 resellers worldwide are applying TSPLUS to make the application WEB-Enabled


Over 500,000 servers powered by TSPLUS

More than 2 million users worldwide are enjoying the convenience of remote access from TSPLUS solutions 


TSPLUS licenses are One-Time-Cost
Recommended Update / Support are charged separately

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