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Setup Zerotier One VPN - Windows Client

Download installer from
For Windows, file name: ZeroTier One.msi 

Setup finished. Next, configure Zerotier VPN Client to join the Server Network

Make the VPN Software start together with Windows Start-Up

Upon successfully JOINED the VPN Network ID, a ZeroTier One network adapter will be build on your Network Sharing Center.  

Start the VPN Software upon Windows Start-Up  

This Windows Remote Client are now ready to access the server after Joining the Server VPN with Web Browser. Key-in the Server VPN IP address and the custom HTTP port number. 

OR access to server with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection by key-in the Server VPN IP address and the custom RDP port number

OR create a Windows Client file with uses the VPN IP address

Join Existing VPN Network

If the Zerotier One VPN without Login and join the network ID during the setup process, you may "Join" it later as steps below.  

Join VPN
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