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During the pandemic of COVID-19 TSPLUS ensure business continuity! 
Build a real Work From Home System
enabled you to share applications, files & folders and print to a local printer

Just set up TSPLUS software and VPN into an existing host or server, employees at home are ready to connect to office host/server and work remotely. TSPLUS turns Windows into a WEB server that accessible with Web Browser.

- No change of existing hardware

- No change in Accounting / ERP Software

- No need expensive broadband and firewall

- No need for a static IP

- No expensive engineer & maintenance fees

- No installation of client software

Remote users not only accessing the Accounting system on the server, but also other application that assigned by administrator such as Word/ Excel/ PDF. Same to the shared file and folders, only the permitted users are allowed.

Built-in "universal printing" allows remote users to easily print documents to the local printer at home or branch.

The VPN connection between home PCs and office host/ server has effectively prevented from Ransomware viruses and vulnerability attacks. 

You had 100% ownership of your data that hosted in your office server. No third-party un-authorized access is allowed. All data are private and confidentiality protected.

Let's experience your-self by login to our demo server

This is a success story of Adrian

Q: Does it like Teamviewer?

A: It is not same as Teamviewer. TSPLUS is a remote desktop, multiple users can log in to the host concurrently without affecting the user's operation on the host.

Q: My company does not have a Server. The accounting system is installed on a Windows 10 workgroup PC. Can I log in remotely and work from home?

A: Yes you can, TSPLUS supports Windows Professional 7, 8, 10 as hosts. It is also applicable for all versions of Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019.

Q: Our company uses a special Customized Application, can I use TSPLUS to work from home?

A: Yes you can, as long as it is a Windows application.

Q: How does a computer that work from home connect to the company's main PC / server?

A: Home-based computer uses a web browser to connect the main PC/ Server. It's like your accounting software has become a WEB based application.

Q: Will remote employees see everything on the host?

A: It depends on the setting. TSPLUS’s "Application Control" allows you to assign authorized applications to employees based on their needs. For example, some people can open the accounting system, some only have Word / Excel, and some workers allow to use both Accounting & H/R and even search for Shared Files & Folders.

Q: Can I print?

A: TSPLUS has a built-in universal printing function that allows remote users to print files to a local printer.

Q: Do we have to turn on the host all the time?

A: Yes. if the remote users require to access the server anytime anywhere.

Q: Will there be a slow if access to my company's server from home PC?

A: Generally it will not, however, the upload speed at the office side has to be higher possible. The broadband speed subscribed to the server-side and the numbers of simultaneous connections are counts. The server's CPU speed and memory play an important role too. A common ERP/ accounting system should be fine and speedy.

Q: My host is a bit old. Can I install TSPLUS to work from home?

A: We need to check before confirming. As long as the desktop computer is generally not more than 5 years old, it should be fine.

Q: Is there a network security issue?

A: Don't worry, we use VPN connection. Only the authorized remote employees are able to connect to the host through VPN. The host is not exposed to the public network. You may also enable the extra security build-in TSPLUS to further harden the security.

Q: Where is our data?

A: All of your data are remain in your own server. TSPLUS simply provides a remote connection between the host and the employees that you allow to access. You are not resite the data in TSPLUS datacentre, instead, you are now building your own "private cloud" server on your premises.

Q: Do we need a Static IP address?

A: Not necessary. General broadband is sufficient.

Q: Other than Fiber broadband, what other broadband services can we use?

A: On the server-side, you can use any stable and speedy 4G Wireless Broadband. On the client-side, any broadband is fine.

Q: Do we need to buy a separate hardware firewall?

A: Of course it is good to have a hardware firewall. You can also use a Router VPN or free software VPN.

Q: Does TSPLUS charge an annual fee?

A: TSPLUS software License is a one-time payment. But support maintenance is charged annually.

Q: How much is TSPLUS cost?

A: Please visit for prices.

A: Annual maintenance / support fee

Q: If we did not continue to subscribe to the annual support maintenance for the second year, how do we buy the support maintenance later?

A: Buy when you need support maintenance only. We will not charge-back the lapsed over support maintenance fees. We recommend that you keep your support maintenance contract active so that you can update our latest and improved software at any time.

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