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ZeroTier One VPN Solution simplified quick setup guides

Global Area Networking

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Step 5

Download installer from
For Windows, file name: ZeroTier One.msi 

Old Windows required Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or higher

Join ZeroTier Network from the ZeroTier account registered earlier.
A Network ID can be found by login to with sign in

Ensure the ZeroTier program start together with the Windows start-up that standby for remote access to the host / Server anytime.

A well setup and "Joined" terminal will shown as below...
right-click ZeroTier icon > Show Networks... 

Status > OK
Allow Managed IP > checked
Checked > Connected

In Windows Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
You will fine a new ZeroTier network adapter appear here with VPN IP address assigned.

ZeroTier Windows client installation is completed. This Windows client is ready to connect the Host/Server with VPN IP address.  

Remote client are ready to connect the TSPLUS Host/ Server with a WEB Browser and the ZeroTier VPN IP address.  (What is TSPLUS Remote Access? Free Trail download

Remote client are ready to connect the TSPLUS Host/ Server with Remote Desktop Connection and ZeroTier One VPN IP access

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